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Deluxe XL Snowman Christmas Winter Door Wreath WITH LIGHTS!

$ 175.00

I don't know if there could possibly be a more adorable snowman wreath out there!  Purple, silver, and blues.  This is one of my high end wreaths, and it shows.  Pictures really do not do this one justice.  It sparkles like crazy and is extra large and fluffy measuring about 28" in diameter.  If you love Frozen colors but don't want the characters then this one is the THE ONE!  Silver, purple, and various shades of blue. 

The lights are LED and are battery operated.  There is the option to have the lights fade, flash, or stay steady.  Turn them on when it's dark and they will stay on for 6 hours, then they automatically turn off for 18 hours, then at dark they turn on by themselves again.  Pretty cool!

I also have another version of this without blue's $15 less. You can find it in my shop, in the Christmas section.  The exact same wreath but without lights. :)

Right now I only have 2 of these available.  Don't hesitate if you're thinking about it.

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