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Haunted Mansion Ride Hitchhiking Ghosts Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

$ 165.00
The perfect wreath for die hard Haunted Mansion fans!  A great gift for yourself or someone else for sure. If you think this looks awesome from the pictures, wait until you see it in person!

Roughly 27".

The white on the ghosts glow in the dark! PLUS the floating candelabra lights up as well!

Tons of fun sparkling, and spider ribbon and mesh adorn this wreath along with lots of creepy black with silver glitter leaves.   The Hitchhiking Ghosts, "Gus" (Prisoner), "Ezra" (Skeleton), and "Phineas" (Traveler), are brand new plush dolls. To go along with the Haunted Mansion theme, think of the Haunted Mansion ride when you read the sign that says "We've been expecting you".  A true work of art.  I LOVED making this wreath!

Please note that the original wreath has already sold, so you will be getting a duplicate of this.  It will look as close to this as I can get and will ship within 3 days of your order. Also please note that I've already sold some of these and it's only mid July.  I have very limited supplies and sell at multiple venues, so if you are considering this wreath, don't hesitate too long, I have a feeling this design will sell out fast. :)

Another thing to consider, I ship in a 22"x22"x6" box.  This is the largest size box I can use through the post office that does not incur a "balloon" charge.  Any wreath box size larger than this would add at least another $35 to the shipping cost.  That means that when you receive your wreath, you will need to fluff up the ribbon and mesh a bit.  None of my customers have had an issue with that, most want to save on the shipping cost and have no problem fluffing up the wreath, but if you want me to ship in a larger size box, please message me and I will update the shipping with the higher charge.

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