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Light Up Eyes Maleficent Deco Mesh Door Wreath Halloween fandom

$ 85.00
I'm quite proud of this one. Not only does it look like her eyes glow during the day, but they actually glow bright orange at night! The wreath has purple battery operated lights, but I also have two orange lights behind her eyes, making them light up at night as well. Pretty darn awesome, don't you think??

The wreath is made up of Blue, purple and black mesh, with a purple boa around it.  Purple battery operated lights, and glowing orange eyes.

This wreath would be prefect to have up during the entire month of October.  Plus if you happen to be having a party, it's the perfect way to greet your guests!  However,  don't be stuck on placing a wreath only on the front door.  Wreaths are perfect kids room decor...either on their bedroom door or on the wall, maybe above their bed or above a dresser.  They are great indoor decor as well.  Above an entry way table, the stairway wall, above the fireplace, kitchen decor, etc.

I can also make custom wreaths.  Just message me with your ideas.

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